Ben Visits and the No.1 Tourist Destination of Zurich

In late October, I was lucky enough to have some visitors come stay in my miniscule room. First to come through was Ben- a good friend of mine from Civil Engineering at McGill. He had already been travelling through France, Spain, Scotland, and Greece (though maybe not in that order…) and decided to make a final stop in Zurich before heading home to Montreal.

Well, there are so many great things about visitors. Let me outline a few about having ‘international’ visitors:

1. They correct your increasingly bad English- who would have thought? and after only 2 months… I really am an engineer
2. They remind you of how life in North America functions- apparently mid-afternoon breaks from class accompanied by a cappucino are not standard
3. They force you to get out and be a tourist!- see pictures!

So Ben and I toured Zurich, though I mostly brought him to all my usual haunts, but we did find a few new ones too. Most exciting, though, was the trip we took to Rhine Fall: about an hour out of Zurich by train, this is a famous waterfall on the Rhine river.

After some initial dissapointment with the infrastructure (sketchy, wet scaffolding leading down the cliff to the river) we walked around to find some much better views. The upstream of the falls was more interesting then the falls itself, hence the majority of the pictures being from that angle.

Lots of little pools with water cascading down from the various levels.

Who doesn’t love a few picturesque cranes?

As we made our way down, we could spot people on the rock in the middle of the falls, and the boats that led them into the mist.

We made it around to the front in the end…

Ben and Devon in front of the Falls!

Thanks for the great visit Ben!


3 thoughts on “Ben Visits and the No.1 Tourist Destination of Zurich

  1. Yes, Visitors force you to be proud of your surroundings and point out things. I would love to be tour guided by someone like you. You have fortunate friends.

  2. DEVON! I just remembered you have this blog, so I read through it today (really looking for the bit about my visit, heh). Miss you terribly, and also wanted to say how amazing your pictures are. Hope to talk to you soon.

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