Saturday Morning Market

This is purely for posting a few pictures… and to procrastinate a little from my international environmental politics studying…

One of the advantages of living in Europe is the access to local food and particularily at the markets. As I have mentioned, the variety of local fruits and vegetables boggles my zone 3 Albertan brains. (For comparison, the Hardiness Zone for most of Europe starts at 6 and goes up to 10!) Lately I have been enjoying the new clementines from Spain, so sweet and juicy, they are definitely a sign that Christmas is coming. I visited a market in downtown Zurich one saturday morning and snapped a few pictures of the local products. It was rainy and grey but the stands juxtaposed it all very nicely. The most interesting aspect were the people of course. Tasting, bargaining, enquiring about new recipes and taking this little market very seriously. Below are a few candid shots.  

Fresh flowers from the south

Fresh Herbs

This was a portable Olive Oil store. Just open up the sides of the car (3-wheeled even!) to reveal a display of 20 odd types of oil. The guy seemed a little surprised that I wanted to take pictures of his entrepreneur-mobile.

Olive oil on wheels

 And of course some cheese…     

Some samples of locally made cheese



And a few from wandering around the old town after the market.   

The rainy morning on the Limmat river    


Special sunday bread- Zopf

But these were a few weeks ago, and it has finally snowed! Just in time for the start of December, the rain turned into big fluffy flakes and blanketed everything with a few centimetres of the white stuff. It was gorgeous and made for the prefect start to the holiday season… though international environmental politics does not garner any holiday spirit in my view.

Posts on Christmas traditions, special holiday markets, family and friends are soon to come…

Thinking of everyone and remembebring all the lovely celebrations from the past few years… Early Christmas in Canmore and Stewart McLean in Banff, the multitude of corporate Christmas parties, the amazing spirirt at the yoga Christmas party, special dinners and desserts!, warm cups of chai tea, dancing around living rooms to the Nutcracker Suite, close friends, family and pets… 🙂