A brief weekend adventure to Amsterdam. No real plans except to wander around the canals, eat pancakes, avoid herring, drink hot chocolate, and soak up some Van Gogh inspiration. At the end of the weekend, all these goals were fulfilled and more. A few of the quaint sights below

Flower market, still colorful even in December
Bicycle city! Dedicated lanes, routes, and traffic signals
Beautiful architecture squeezing in between the canals
It's all about being beside, against, with, over, or under the water
Did I mention everything is done by bike?
Famous wooden shutters

All these little houses are 30 feet wide, and 200 deep! Makes for an interesting composition as each aims to stand out against the rest but with similar elements throughout.

Van Gogh museum

On the only sunny day all weekend, we went inside and spent longer than expected listening and seeing the story of Van Gogh’s life. Well worth the visit for the timeless colour and expression of his paintings.

Cake art

After the museum, and our last stop in Amsterdam: colour and expression through cake at a fun little cafe.

The marketing theme for the city is iamAmsterdam. Can’t say I felt Dutch after the visit, but for a few brief days I was swept away in the style and magic of this city built in some senses ‘with’ and in another ‘against’ nature. I’ll leave it to you to decide on which side their recreational drug laws fall…


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