All the boys in a year

Some feedback on the previous post- do I only have female friends?

Well no, not entirely. And some of the male ones are particularly hilarious and should be showcased more often.

Therefore, a selection of the top from the last year

Always laughing

Paco, from Mexico, always always always has a funny story to tell. He is up for everything and is the gentleman of the crowd- though it hasn’t worn off on the others yet. Dislikes: tortillas and hot food. Likes: cold weather. We are not actually sure of his Mexican authenticity.

Gypsy boy

Beni, a fellow engineer with an especially critical/ ambitious nature, but enjoys a good party. Here he is recovering (it is around 6 am) from a circus themed party hosted at his house. He was an elephant trainer and carried a huge stuffed elephant around all night. Beni survived but I’m not sure about the elephant.

Bird watcher

The inquisitive eye here belongs to Nico, an environmental scientist with a passion for birds and history- perfect for our mountain hikes, or when roaming through old European cities (like Vienna or Paris!)

The artist

The lead singer of ‘the artists as young men’, Benji is Swiss but with Indonesian roots. He is my one Swiss friend with whom I can use all the ‘Anchorman’ jokes and actually gets them! Also a wonderfully creative singer, again check out their myspace (I’m a shameless groupie)

Tall tree

And finally another band member, as well as boyfriend, and beginner bagpiper (though not about to be introduced into the band setting anytime soon), Tilmann from Germany. Survived my mom’s soups in Canada and even picked up some yoga, now is on a mission to teach me trees- this one is an oak!

A more balanced picture? I’d say so.

Still packing, still in flux. Soon to be more normal… hurrah