Dream World III: Around darkness

While Zurich remains grey all day, at least up in the mountains the endless depth of the blue sky can be found. But the sun sinks early, and the darkness consumes the mountains and surrounding villages- just a few points of light, of life, remind that there is someone out there (or at least some flowing electrons) on the other side of the river.

Mia and I brought paper bags and candles out into the field. The little lights carved out a tiny sphere in the darkness, though we could still barely see each other or where we were walking. The lit bags were floating over the land as we tried out how we could light up these mountains.



The barn and trough, waiting for the ponies to come over the winter, added some depth, texture and boundaries.




But some boundaries are better left open.



Oh these two… they fill my heart indeed.




‘Darkness is your candle. Boundaries are your quest’ – Rumi

2 thoughts on “Dream World III: Around darkness

  1. It is not a coincidence that I love Meghan’s Dreamworld as well, but you win here. I just love your sensibilities and your awareness of your environment. Your lucky cousins have no idea how lucky they are.

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