A letter to you

Dearest Reader,

You’ve come at a good time, and I was hoping you would stop by. The tea is ready and a fresh chocolate zucchini cake is coming out of the oven. There are new stories to share, so settle in.

What can I say, I like to be ‘abroad’. Since the old days when I looked the same, but shorter, I was off travelling. Family and friends like you are always the homebase, wherever that may be, so keeping in touch was always important to me. Now that I’ve jumped ship and landed in Europe, this blog is a little bridge back to you.

A space for pictures, stories, connections and a few random thoughts. Sometimes it’s a little sporadic and random and with a dash of cow, just like my life. Consider yourself forewarned. Read, share, enjoy. You’re always welcome back.

With love, Devon

4 thoughts on “A letter to you

  1. Just like Rick Steeve’s tour of Europe, but without the nice accomodation and fancy restaurants! No swiss version of Kraft Dinner? What kind of education is that?

  2. Will you have time to yodel? My mother used to yodel for the cows when she was young. When I was young she would giggle when I would ask her for a yodel, it made me smile, and I think she liked it too. So nice to hear of your adventures…..

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I am asking around about the yodelling! It does not seem to be something they offer very often, but I’ll keep my ears open… literally.
      It would make for a good laughter yoga exercise!

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