The big fat Jewish wedding

big: so many people you lost count while clapping and singing and dancing with yet another smartly dressed grandmother

fat: well I did my best to survive the marathon meals over the multiple days, but I loved every bite of it

Jewish: way too much fun.

wedding: what is better than a bunch of new people to meet who are high on love and wedding cake (though for this one they were on the amazing dessert buffet)

One of the many stages of the wedding- the bride eagerly meeting the groom after a week of separation. Paparazzi equally excited


Rebecca loves the details, even of her own photoshoot. She is an amazing woman to watch!


So much beauty


Lovely Naomi


Wedding prep with 'Girls just want to have fun'


Rebellious wedding nails


The party begins when Chava (Rebecca's sister) says it does, and that time is now