Canada Teaser

From mountains to beaches, on bikes and ferries. Victoria & Vancouver- Check

Calgary, Toronto and Montreal still to come…

A few mysterious views from the Pacific coast in the meantime

Island destination
Coming home
Long beach longings fulfilled
Misty time
Found new and old roots
Nothing like it...

 A warm hug to all the wonderful people I met in Victoria- you made for such a warm reception, even in cool January. I’m honoured to have heard your stories, singing, laughing, yoga groaning, and wishes for the rest of my trip. Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Canada Teaser

  1. We saved Christmas until mid January, spiced it with a celtic fest of Robbie Burns, two choir concerts and heaps of superb meals, annoying games and enjoying the damp but delicious Victoria weather. We got dressed up, biked over, kayaked across, walked along and skii’d down. Devon taught yoga, met friends, got a bit pampered and brought light and life into the gray funk of winter. Thanks for a wonderful visit and to Tillman for bravely diving in to all activities and adventures with enthusiasm and humour. Not easy being in this household, but you rose to the occasion well! Merry late Christmas, and continue your cross Canada tour with the same joy.

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